Kitchen Trailer

 $795.00 / Per Hire

Kitchen Trailer for event hire or long term static hire

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Kitchen Trailer Hire

Our mobile Kitchen Trailer units are equipped with the latest commercial kitchen hire equipment, all of which are commercially approved. These units are designed to meet the highest standards in the industry, ensuring that your culinary needs are met with efficiency and precision. Upgrade your kitchen experience with our state-of-the-art equipment, tailored to enhance your catering capabilities and elevate your culinary creations.

The gas-fired ovens, deep fryers, 12 tray heatlie warming ovens, and grill plates arrive tested and clean. The exhaust system ensures the comfort of your chef teams on those hot days whilst satisfying all council requirements for food safety (including hand wash station and prep fridge). We need a fresh water supply and grey water dump point to suit the retail as stated. If these facilities are not available we can organise further at base hire costs.

The Kitchen Trailer requires 2 dedicated power circuits (10amp) and level ground with a site space allocation of 7.0mtrs x 3.0mtrs.

Unless specified the minimum height for access is 3.7mtrs

The staff will thank you for a hard floor and your guests will thank you for taking food safety seriously.

Enquire now to see how we can help you make a Premier Event to remember.

Also available for long-term static hire at reduced weekly rates based on the length of the proposed hire period.

For more details on this product hit this link – OG Kitchen

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