Large Tandem Axle Mobile freezer

 $400.00 / Per Hire

Freezer – Large – Tandem Axel

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Large Freezer - Tandem Axel
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Large Tandem Axle Mobile Freezer for Hire

Our Large Tandem Axle Mobile freezer is a must for caterers who are preparing for a large-scale festival or event.

There can only be one choice when your stock needs a reliable place to ensure HACCP compliance.

Question: Do you have pallets of ice being delivered on a Friday morning for a Saturday event?

The premier event mobile freezer room will help your staff to ensure cold bevies for all at your special event.

If an event is for large numbers then the preparation will need to be done over a week or two period. This Freezer trailer will ensure the continuity of a safe food supply.

This will also help take the preparation load off casuals and spread it out over weeks  – all with the help of our mobile freezer room.

The Large Tandem Axle Mobile Freezer is available for breakdown issues you may encounter when running a commercial kitchen in a hospital or food industry.

Premier Event trailers are available on call to deliver a cost-saving alternative to the breakdown of key infrastructure.

The choice to hire the freezer is sometimes dependent on the technicians timeline to attain parts to fix a broken freezer. Keep us on standby for no extra charge.

If you need us there fast, it is no worries =  because we are happy to accommodate at minimal notice.

Call us on our workshop phone for emergency breakdown support.

Click here to see the minimum size requirements for our mobile freezer room hire  – Freezer Room

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