Event Rubbish Removal Trailer – 8 Bin

$275.00 GST

At the end of your dream weekend, let us get the celanup sorted with our 8 bin rubbish removal trailer. You can move on to the honeymoon phase (the fun bit) and we can get out hands dirty. Enquire today about our complete event space breakdown service. The event plan gets a whole lot easier when you let Premier take care of the event closure details.


This handy Event Rubbish Removal Trailer – 8 Bin will complete the setup of your event space.

The green bin is a valuable resource for florists and for disposing of leftover table decorations. All waste collected in this bin contributes to our composting efforts on the farm.

Our four recycling bins efficiently handle glass bottles, cans, and even broken wine glasses. Recycling is ensuring these items are diverted from landfill. Additionally, we have two bins designated for landfill waste. If your packaging is biodegradable, please inform us so we can replace one landfill bin with a compost bin.

We have a strong focus on sustainability with food scraps directed to the chicken bin. This makes a ninth bin a cost-free option for waste disposal of food scraps.

Professional Event Rubbish Removal Trailer Hire Services

At Premier Event Trailers we provide top-notch solutions for all your event waste management needs. Our trailers are equipped to handle any size event, ensuring a clean and organized space for your guests. You can trust us to take care of the waste so you can focus on hosting a successful event. Contact us today with your questions regarding our Event Rubbish Removal Trailer hire services.

In addition to these waste management options, we provide event space recycling solutions for larger-scale events, as well as a variety of other services to meet your needs.