Triple Berth Luxury Toilet Trailer

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Side View of luxury toilet trailer
There are many options for toilets but if you’re Glamping or have a small community event…..then this trailer is for you.



With 1000ltr capacity, even those large weddings are a breeze for our latest arrival.

The Triple Pan Luxury toilet trailer.

You will require access to a pressurized water supply along with a single 10 amp power lead. If this is unavailable then we are happy to quote on the supply of these services.

This Superior loo caters to the most PC of crowds, offering an option for non binary and gender neutral guests.

At your Premier Event your guest will enjoy the latest Thetford Bravura (fresh water flush) toilets.

Built strong for event use and designed to neutralizes the odor in the main “seating arena”.

Your corporate getaway toilet will be an experience not to fear; when using a Premier Event Trailer.

Match that with it’s neutral color tone (which has been designed to minimize the physical size); the trailer will blend into any rural or outdoor event setting.

A leafy beach side market, an upmarket/rustic wedding in a paddock or even an agricultural field day.  These all great options for the Superior Triple Pan Toilet.

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