Small Mobile Coolroom

 $280.00 / Per Hire

This low roof small mobile coolroom is perfect for those carparks with low roof access. The coolroom can be hand moved by two men and has the ability to be put most places other coldrooms just wont fit

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Small Mobile Coolroom

This is the most versatile of our mobile cold room fleet, it will fit in most event spaces.

We have pushed it into tight spaces by hand, we have towed it in with the mower and we have craned it in over a garage roof.

With a lower than average roof height,  it will happily enjoy the weekend in your garage, whilst chilling your favourite bevie.

With side and rear access doors, this mobile cool room will be set to site and locked down (with our standard tow bar and wheel locks).

The doors on this unit are lockable and we will leave the keys with you.

If your site hasn’t got the power we need available with a distance of 20 mtrs (standard 10 amp outlet); then book in the 7kva quiet generator to keep it going.

Click her to see the minimum space requirements for this unit….Small Mobile Coolroom (Low)

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