Mobile Coolroom – Medium

 $320.00 / Per Hire

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This size mobile cool room is the most ordered size in the fleet.

Lying somewhere between small and large, the medium cool room for hire is a must for the backyard party or small event.Typically the medium room is ideal for storage of food and bevergae for 40-50 guests (one off event).

Therefore if you are only to store beverages in the cold room, you can increase to around 70 guests for serviceability.

Most importantly is the ability of this Premier room to fit into most drive ways and tighter event spaces.

Because the cool room has an internal height of over 20 mtrs, you can walk in and adjust stock easily on the 3 shelves as provided. The usability is increase for all event staff with use of steps as provided. Let us know if you need us to provide you with door locks.

click here to see minimum size requirements …..Medium Coolroom schematic