8 Bin Event Rubbish Removal Trailer

$275.00 GST

At the end of your dream weekend, let us get the celanup sorted with our 8 bin rubbish removal trailer. You can move on to the honeymoon phase (the fun bit) and we can get out hands dirty. Enquire today about our complete event space breakdown service. The event plan gets a whole lot easier when you let Premier take care of the event closure details.


This handy trailer will make the set up of your event space complete.

The green bin is great for the florist and the leftover table decorations.

All goes to our composting efforts at the farm.

The 4 recycle bins will make short work of the dead soldiers and ensure that all your event glass bottles/cans (and those broken wine glasses) don’t end up in landfill.

There are two bins for the landfill, but be sure to let us know if all your packaging is bio as we can swap one of the landfill bins to another compost bin.

The food scraps go to the chicken bin – Making eggs from the leftovers. This 9th bin is a free one.

We also offer event space recycle solutions for larger scale events along with many other services.