Luxury Portable Toilets, Mobile Cool Rooms/Freezers, Mobile Kitchens,
Rubbish Removal Trailers and Generators for Hire

Servicing Northern Sydney, The Central Coast, Newcastle, Hunter and the Great lakes with quality event equipment for over 15 years

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We offer the widest range of mobile cool rooms for hire in Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle with delivery options available to the Hunter and the Great Lakes area. 

Our recently refurbished digital mobile cold rooms and mobile freezer fleet;  offers temperature control at your finger tips. The Mobile Kitchens we hire are equiped with the latest commercial equipment. Our fleet of luxury portable toilets are ready to hire and embark to your location on no notice. The Generators we hire are always a backup to the main source and can be dispatched on hours notice. The hire of our Rubbish removal trailers are a must for any event whether community or corporate based.

Our service and knowledge for our mobile cold room hire and all event trailer hire customers is backed by professional from throughout the local industry. We have an on call base of contractors including Electricians, Plumbers, Engineers and Labourers to help overcome any issues you have with site adaptation.

The use of our units as “back ups” for existing infastructure helps local companies to handle unprecedented volumes in the NSW food industry (now at all time highs).

Our Luxury toilet trailer hire to local manufacturing and engineering production lines to ensure continuity of supply of staff in an evolving (if not fragile)work space.

The ability of our hire mobile kitchens to separate your staff eating areas is now a concern with new social distancing laws based around the Global Covid 19 pandemic.  For the entreprenuers who are custom designing new food based products; Why not hire in a safe work space whilst conforming to local council and food safety legislation?

At Premier event trailers we take the stress out of the planning, by offering you a direct booking service online. Choose a size; check the access and power requirements and then confirm your booking all in a few minutes online.

We will try to make the process of organising an event trailer as easy as possible for you; the end user.

Let us help plan the main requirements for your event or workspace and watch as we test your site and have it ready for your intended use.

With 20 years in local events and outdoor applications –  you know we have the experience. Its more than just a white box on wheels.

With the modern world in panic over hygiene and sanitation, we offer you the Guarantee of the highest level of hygiene available. Each hire trailer is cleaned and sanitised every hire and ready for the highest standards of inspections.

Enquire now as to how we can allieviate pressure from the Covid 19 restrictions or growth in your food supply business.